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Yes, it’s going to work, whether you’re a national chain or a small neighborhood business, Norwood Tent And Awning commercial awnings and canopies will transform your storefront, windows, or patio into an attention-grabbing, stop-them-dead-in-their-tracks advertising opportunity.

If your business depends on walk-in traffic and people passing by your visibility is a crucial part of your advertising. Installing commercial awnings is an effective way to grab the attention of people and invite them into your business.

Protect Your Customers From Extreme Weather

Whether it’s snow, hail, torrential rain, or blistering summer heat, awnings, and canopies will keep your customers comfortable and make their experience more enjoyable.

For example, retractable awnings will allow you to offer a protected area when necessary and an open area when feasible. This is especially beneficial to businesses such as restaurants, bars, sidewalk cafes, and patios.

Lower Your Energy Bill and Save Money

Commercial awnings canopies can have a significant impact on lowering your energy bill costs by as much as 25%.

A 2007 study conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota concluded that “awnings result in cooling energy savings by reducing direct solar gain through windows”.

Other research indicates that you may be able to recoup your investment in awnings or canopies with savings from lower energy bills.

You can rest assured that we have the technology, skilled workers, and confidence to complete your project and enhance your business. 

Commercial awnings and canopies will offer your business or organization many other benefits including relief and protection from the elements and energy savings.

Benefits of Using Awnings and Canopies

Promote Your Image and Market Your Business or Organization

Would you like a unique, effective way to promote your image or brand while complimenting the style and design of your building? Awnings and canopies give you the opportunity to promote your image. Enhance your image with an illuminated or non-illuminated awning. You can have our awnings and canopies with or without graphics. Imagine the possibilities! From shopping malls to theaters, indoors or out, awnings attract a lot of positive attention.

Functionality Can Bring Cost Savings And Increase Revenue Now think about this… colourful awnings and canopies will add great decorative appeal to your building. Norwood Tent and Awning offer hundreds of fabric patterns and colours. You can have your awning and canopies customized to fit perfectly with the architecture of your building. Partner with us and you get access to an unlimited number of design possibilities. A stylish awning can maximize street visibility to get people’s attention and provide sun and rain protection while extending outdoor retail space. You may even save a few bucks on your energy bills.

Visibility – Get Seen! Is your storefront looking a little drab? An illuminated, decorated awning or canopy will transform any shopping mall, hotel, or restaurant into a stunning eye-popping creation. Commercial awnings show off your name. They can be illuminated, decorated, and used as signage to attract customers or visitors. Adding your logo or unique graphics will give your business 24/7 marketing. You are guaranteed to get noticed!

We are very confident that once you sit down with us to discuss your specific needs you will quickly realize that you have come to the right place. Pick up the phone right now and give us a call to set up a meeting to discuss your needs.

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