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Selecting Your Awning Fabric

Fabrics and materials come in many different colours and styles. The material we used is based on the type of awning that bet meets your requirements. You can make your selection from these leading brands.

SUNBRELLA® by Glenn Raven Mills Inc. is made from 100% solution dyed acrylic fiber which gives it colour brightness that looks the same on either side. Being a woven fabric, Sunbrella® is translucent and breathes, allowing heat and moisture to escape.

Diklon 32® by DICKSON ELBERTON MILLS is 100% solution dyed acrylic, giving it bright, clear colors that appear the same from either side. The exclusive Perlgard® finish of Diklon 32® gives it high leak resistance, providing protection from rain, yet is air permeable, allowing heat and moisture to escape.

All these factors mean Diklon 32® will keep your awnings looking good for years. Diklon 32® gives you more choices than any other fabric of its type.

PARA TEMPOTEST® is a premium quality 100% solution dyed material finished with Teflon and fluorinated resins which make it oil and water repellent. Tempotest® is resistant to solar radiation and has dimension stability of less than 0.5% in wrap or weft.

WEBLON® awning fabric by the ASTRUP COMPANY is available in over 100 styles in solids, mono and multicolor stripes, textures, floral and geometric prints on lining.

Waterproof, dimensionally stable, age, fade, dirt and mildew resistant WEBLON®fabric accepts most forms of graphics. WEBLON® has a double vinyl-compatible acrylic clear Rain Kleen® top coat for prolonged fabric life and enhanced cleanability with superior resistance to sag and stretch.

Flame Retardant. Classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® (397A). Registered by California Fire Marshal (F-69) WEBLON® carries a 5-Year Fabric Replacement Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty.

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