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Clooey Bright Colour Selection

At Cooley, we’ve used our 72 years experience in the sign and outdoor industries and our extensive knowledge in polymer chemistry to create our COOLEY BRITE® line of white and eradicable substrates. Flexible, yet durable, COOLEY BRITE possesses excellent translucency in any backlit sign and awning application.

  • Cooley’s white substrates are translucent, flexible, and durable and feature excellent lay-flat characteristics.
  • Eradicable coloured substrates are engineered for high colour brilliance and consistent colour translucency in any backlit sign or awning application. Available in both standard and custom colours.
  • Eradication using COOLEY MAGIC® eradication solution, COOLMASK® eradication mask and COOLTHANE® top-coated COOLEY BRITE offers the fastest, most economical method of sign and awning decoration available.
  • Ideal for eradication, screen printing, heat transfer, and pressure-sensitive applications.
  • Advanced scrim design enhances graphics effects to provide superior quality and luminescent colours.
  • Lightweight and flexible for simple installation.
  • All colours available with COOLTHANE topcoat for easy cleaning and added protection.
  • CSSI is certified to ISO 9001 standards.
  • COOLEY BRITE is tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories as a recognized sign component – UL48 and UL94.

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