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Measuring Your Windows For New Awnings

Awning Width
Inside to outside of your brick molding or window frame.

Window Height
Inside to outside of your brick molding or window frame.

Awning Drop
Half the Window height.

Awning Projection
Projection is typically 2? less than the awning drop to allow the awning to properly retract within itself.

Although custom sizes are available, typically, a standard awning would cover half the window height with the Valance dropping a further 6? below.

Select a Traditional style window awning for stationary, slider, or horizontally opening windows. Select a Box style awning for casement windows that crank open vertically.

Typically, boxed awnings would not have ropes & pullies installed on a casement style window unless adequate space is allowed for clearance.

Ropes and pullies are required, typically installed with right-hand controls. Please specify either left or right hand controls.

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