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Who Else Wants To Enjoy The Amazing Benefits From Window Awnings

Let me ask you this… What if there was a way to add instant curb appeal to your home, increase the resale value and save money on your energy bills, would you want to learn more?

Enhance the Look of Your Home

Most people are motivated to install Window Awnings for aesthetic reasons. Awnings provide an easy, beautiful way to enhance the look of your home. They are available in a variety of patterns and styles and they can be retractable. This makes it easy for you to match the style and décor of your home.

Save Money On Your Monthly Utility Bills

Having awnings placed on several windows can mean significant savings on your monthly utility bills. Awnings can reduce a home’s internal temperature by 8° to 15° F (5°C – 8°C).

“Studies by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers show that during the period of the day when the sun shines directly on southern facing windows, a fabric awning reduces heat gain by 55 to 65 percent. For western exposure, the reduction in heat gain is 72 to 77 percent.”

Solar radiation entering through your windows is responsible for approximately 20 percent of the load on an air conditioner. An awning can reduce air-conditioning costs by as much as 25%.

Window awnings will also protect your drapes, furniture and carpet from excessive fading, caused by harmful UV rays. By installing awnings you are doing your part to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We Offer Seven Basic Awnings

1. Traditional Window Awnings
2. Boxed Style Window Awnings
3. Retractable Awnings
4. Bay Window Awnings
5. Bow Window Awnings
6. Door Awnings
7. Welded Steel Frame Awnings

If you’re thinking about installing window awnings, CALL US! We will come out to your home to assess your situation and provide you with a FREE residential awning quote. You can rely on us to help you find the right solution for your home. (204) 774-2444

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