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Retractable Awnings

It’s Cool To Be in The Shade!

retractable awnings company winnipegHave you ever imagined yourself relaxing on your patio or deck without the blazing summer heat coming down on you? If you’re looking to create a cool comfortable shaded space around your home a RETRACTABLE AWNINGmay be the affordable solution for you. Retractable awnings are an ideal way to block sun and rain on a patio or deck without any permanent changes to the structure of your home.

Unlike a permanent patio or deck cover, retractable awnings mount directly to your structure and expand over the attached patio or deck when needed, and easily retracted. Retractable awnings can be manually or automatically operated. If you choose the automatic option, retractable awnings are motorized. You can operate it either remotely with a handheld control or wired to operate like a light switch.

Comfort and Function, You Get Both

Awnings will conserve energy by shading windows and prevent drapes and furnishings from excessive fading. Independent testing has shown that awnings can block up to 75% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and heat. They can also reduce a room’s temperature by 8-15 degrees (F). Bottom line, your home will be cooler in the summer and your furniture will look newer for longer.

At Norwood Tent and Awning we offer RETRACTABLE AWNINGS made with top-quality components and fabrics which means they will stand up to all weather conditions and last for years.

You’ll get access to the European-designed, high-quality Mitjavila® hardware that comes in a wide variety of colours, styles and options.

Now that you have an idea of the benefits from installing retractable awnings you have the confidence and peace of mind to give us a call with all your questions. Call now! (204) 774-2444

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