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Advice To Brides And Grooms Who Are Planning Their Wedding

WEDDING TENT RENTALSWhether you’re the bride, groom or family member, you must be really excited about planning your special day. An outdoor wedding can be a fabulous and elegant event when planned and executed with the help of Norwood Tent and Awnings.

Finding the right Wedding Tent Rental company can be nerve-racking. After all, this is a very special day so you want to make sure you deal with an experienced company. At Norwood, it will be fun and easy.

When selecting a tent for your wedding you need to keep in mind several things:

WEDDING TENT RENTALS WINNIPEG1. How many people are you going to have? As a general rule, you need 15 square feet per person. The number of guests will dictate the size of the tent.

2. Do you have the adequate space for the size of tent that you will need to accommodate all your guests? Are there any obstacles like trees or utility lines that you need to consider?

3. What type of ground surface will the tent be going on? Certain surfaces such as pavement, concrete, etc. may require extra or custom equipment which may add to the cost of your rental.

4. Are you prepared for all weather conditions? Do you have a plan “B”?
Do you need coverage against the elements to ensure you and your guests will be comfortable?


Make sure you secure your tent as soon as possible. The prime dates go fast and you want to have the best selection of sizes, styles, and colours.

We recommend you review the pages on Tents and Tent Styles.

Remember Your Accessories

Will you need accessories such as chairs, tables, table decorations or flooring?
You can count on us for help. Click here to see a complete list of all the accessories we offer.

You can have the assurance that working with us will be a pleasant and impressive stress-free occasion. Book your tent now!

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